Printing Paper

The papers are high brightness, quality,flat, hairless and wrinkle free

The papers are high brightness, quality, flat, hairless and wrinkle free. Besides, they also have the characteristics of strong break power and stability. We sell it in roll and flat. As the paper sold in roll and ream, the two sides of the tube is flat, have no joints and is wrinkle free.

Paper be used for printing and photocopying


  • Paper Name            : Printing Paper
  • Brightness              : 80 – 95 %
  • Substance               : 60g/m2- 120g/m2 of different quality
  • Size Roll/Ream        : 60, 65, 84, 109 cm/Roll- 60×84, 65×83, 65×97, 79x109cm/Ream
  • Specification : We can offer as your requirements.